What are the Favourite Rides of UK Premier League Footballers?

Automologist MAC says he was inspired to write this article while watching football…but we think it was the beer. 

Chatting with my mates down the pub on Sunday, as the new Premier League season kicked off and the news of so many high-priced footballers now kicking the inflated bladder around the park, we got to asking who was driving what. It is not just the top transfer targets that can afford the mega cars either; the average wage in the premiership now stands at more than 2.4 million pounds per annum, which of course means that even your more ordinary footballer can afford an interesting ride.

So, first thing Monday, I got my podgy little fingers dancing across my keyboard as I researched who is driving what, and here is the list of the top ten rides. The number one pick of the footballers may leave you a little surprised though:


10. McLaren 675LT Spider 

Of course this drop dead gorgeous Spider is in the top ten; just who in their right mind wouldn’t have one if money was no object.


9. Bentley Bentayga 

Coming with a distinct whiff of old fart, as far as I am concerned. But then, it is big, it is brash and certainly is very hard to ignore. The Bentayga is reputedly a very comfortable drive and of course does announce to the other occupants of your neighbourhood that you have arrived.


8. Porsche 911 GTS 

And so it should be. The GTS is such a wonderful drive and the fact that footballers are big fans of a car that I think should be on everyone’s top ten list has made me rethink some of my preconceived notions about their taste.


7. Khan Wrangler 

Now, I am sure that there are quite a number of people out there who are saying the “Who?” and the “What?”. But take a look at the picture; it is pretty hard to ignore the great looks of the beastie. Of course the Wrangler is not really a luxury or performance car, but the Khan has a reputation for putting the oomph into his creations, and the fact that this car is in the list makes me determined to find out more about this particular offering.


6. Lamborghini Huracan 

Most definitely an obvious car to find on this list. The Huracan is, without doubt, a cool car. It is not refined nor is it particularly sophisticated, but then you could argue that most footballers are not either.


5. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 

There is but one top ten entry from Ferrari, which did initially shock me, but what a choice. The F12 simply oozes class and sophistication…so why does Mario Balotelli drive one?


4. Bentley Continental GT 

I like the Continental, even if it does feel like you are piloting an armchair as you waft yourself down the road. It is big, shaped like a brick and lacks any pretence at subtlety, but you can get your young family in there should you so wish. Above is JT, ex of Chelsea, and now at Aston Villa of course.


3. Mercedes-Benz Onyx GLE Coupe 

Not familiar with this beastie? Well it is not something you would see every day unless you live in Cheshire, where the presence of one would probably mean that you are a footballer. The Onyx is actually a specially modified SUV, with extra get-up and go from the tuning house of DAP.


2. Lamborghini Aventador

The second Lambo in the line-up and not much of a surprise at all. The Aventador is of course an exceptional machine that makes a beautiful noise…don’t think the girl comes with it though…nuff said.

1. Range Rover Evoque 

Okay, what is this doing in the mix? Don’t these footballers know that this is the car that you buy for the school-run and really is a bit of a girlie’s car. The starting price for this car is just 30,000 pounds, so it isn’t even a pricey ride by UK standards. It does have real off-road ability, so getting across a waterlogged pitch would be easily in its stride but………my hair dresser has one.

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