Water in your fuel tank is Bad News


You might have accidentally left the cap of your petrol tank off while it’s raining or even been the victim of a prank, but getting water into your fuel tank is no laughing matter and can cause a host of problems. When there’s water in your fuel tank, then you might have trouble with acceleration or even experience volatile changes to speed that was not of your doing. You could even experience sputter or hesitation when you step on the accelerator pedal because water slugs get sucked up into the injectors. Water doesn’t burn, so the water just turns into steam and the piston doesn’t have anything to push up. The sudden acceleration occurs when the injectors gets a slug of fuel after the slug of water.

Besides the obvious dangers, the injectors would become damaged and the fuel system could become rusted – that’s thousands of dollars in repairs.

Our sponsor, X-1R, has the solution. The X-1R Petrol System Treatment is a fuel treatment that is made for removing moisture from the petrol tank and lines, restore lost power, reduce carbon, varnish and gum deposits, stop valve ‘pinging’ and engine run-on, prevent fuels lines freezing, improve fuel economy and increase durability of spark plugs. The formulation contains Injector Cleaner, Power Booster, Cylinder Lubricant, Carbon Eliminator, Valve Protector, Upper Moisture Eliminator and Fuel Stabilizer, which when combined with Strong Detergents and Deposits Control Agents, keep the the entire fuel delivery system and combustion chamber clean. With a clean fuel system, your vehicle will undergo an efficient combustion process that require less petrol for more power.


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