VW Says It’s Killing Off the Beetle

Volkswagen made the announcement at the Geneva Motor Show that it is planning to kill off the Beetle from its production, at the end of this generation.

Image credit – via www.autoblog.com

Company R&D Chief, Frank Welsch, told Autocar that the Bug will drive off into the sunset after this generation. VW is replacing it with the I.D Buzz in the retro slot.

The new Beetle has been in production since 1997, with a newer generation arriving in 2011. Designed by J Mays, who brought in the era of retro-futuristic car designs, it sold like hot cakes when launched.

But for many, the icon was and always will be its first generation model with its rear-engine, air-cooled two-door that has gone on to achieve a cult-like status, which in effect propelled sales of the new Beetle, with nostalgia playing an important part.

However, if you’re one who likes the shape and find it difficult to get your hands on the first model, getting a current ‘retrofuturisctic’ unit would be a good choice. Well, you better do it soon.

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