Volkswagen Still Number One

Despite all the bad news concerning “Dieselgate” and how the German auto manufacturer cheated and lied to the public about its emissions and economy figures, it would seem that Volkswagen will retain the position as world’s numero uno carmaker for 2017, and even increase its lead over Toyota.

Looking at the entire Group, which includes the Audi, Seat and Porsche marques, it would seem that VW brands will sell slightly more than 10.7 million vehicles for the year, putting it comfortably ahead of Toyota, who looks like it will manage 10.35 million, when its affiliates Daihatsu, Lexus and Hino are added in.

VW was of course hit with billions of Euros in fines after it admitted to lying to and cheating the public, but the public seems to have forgotten about this as sales surged by just under 4%. Dieselgate is not over with yet and the VW group have admitted to facing fresh costs as the buying back and/or refitting of 2.0-litre diesel engines in the US of A was proving to be a little more daunting than at first envisioned.

Even with the problems over emissions still lingering and being nowhere near an end, according to Frank Witter, a board member for finance, the Wolfsburg-based Group is anticipating revenues of more than 220 billion Euros, an increase of 3 billion on the previous year, and a brand new record to boot.

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