Twenty of the World’s Worst Parkers

Automologist MAC’s car had a run-in with a terrible parker, hence this latest compilation from him…

I was returning to my car in an upmarket shopping mall carpark this week when I noticed that the passenger side had been significantly rearranged. Yes, some donkey had bashed my car. Now, I remember there being a yellow pickup truck in the bay next to mine when I parked, and now it was gone. Well, most of it was gone—a significant amount of the yellow paint that had once been on the pickup was now on my car. I looked for a note but alas the other owner had not even bothered to leave one, so I was left to pick up the bill for repairs myself. The cad!

So anyway, the car is now repaired and the incident encouraged me to research twenty of the worst bits of parking ever. Enjoy.


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I just want to know the back story on this one and just how do you get an Audi TT airborne high enough and long enough to smash into a house halfway up?


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Dyslexic parking, perhaps, or someone who is not good at reading between the lines?


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Now, I have heard of a room in the attic but not a car. I bet this one was hard to explain to the insurance company.


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Looks like that may have once been a Porsche underneath all the bird [email protected]#t.


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Honey, I sunk the car.


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Me tooooo…


How is that possible?


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A bit more common than we would like, it would seem.


Why? Because he could, that is why.


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Okay, probably doesn’t count but you’ve got to love the camel owner’s style, right?


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Ooo, look. The Smart cars are smooching.


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Or is it that Smart cars get lonely when their owners leave them alone?


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That is an old Austin A30, which when I was really very little was considered a good sized family car


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I am at a loss for words.


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Well, sarge, it was like this…



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I am pretty sure that if I had done that, I would not pose in front of my mess smiling.



I am intrigued just how high do you have to be to get your car up there.


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Okay, the parking is pretty good, but…



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Okay, is this bad parking or is it a case of revenge?


And probably my favourite…

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