Top 5 most luxurious car interiors

Car interiors have come a long way since the days of fifties-style port holes and bombsight hood ornaments. Today, modern vehicles push the boundaries of luxury, encompassing a wide range of incredible in-car technologies alongside plush interiors.

Here, we will look at some of the most popular and impressive car interiors in recent years. Prepare to be in awe.

1. Tesla Model X

Hotly anticipated and expected to be the most in-demand car in 2016, the latest offering from Tesla is a pioneer amongst electric vehicles. This stunning high-performance car has been created with some gorgeous interior features – from falcon wing rear doors to leather-trim dashboards. Of course, much of this still remains speculation until the car is actually released. But here is what Tesla customers can expect:

First unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in 2013, the Model X is likely to feature a combination of white-trimmed leather driver seats and black leather passenger seats. This is complemented by the Model X’s luxurious dashboard, although that’s probably not the first thing you’ll notice. Like the Model S, this luxurious innovation will also feature a large, iPad-like tablet screen – perfect for sat nav usage and monitoring the car’s battery levels.

But the key question remains: how long will we have to wait for Model X’s release?

Although Tesla has stated that the Model X will be released in Spring 2016, there’s been some speculation that we might not even have to wait that long. The Model X has been spotted cruising the streets of California in March 2015 – suggesting that Tesla may have a trick or two up its sleeves.

Regardless of when Model X will be made available, this will probably be one of the biggest vehicle releases of the last two years. And we can’t wait to see more of its plush interiors and incredible in-car technology.

2. Bentley Continental GT

From the new to the classic, Bentley has spared no expense when designing and manufacturing its Continental GT.

Described as a ‘stylish, cocooning space’, this beautiful car features a dashboard synonymous with Bentley, echoing the winged motif that defines the luxury brand.

But perhaps what’s most interesting about the Continental GT’s interior is its deliberate throwback to the vehicles of Bentley yesteryear. Utilising a blood orange colour scheme that illuminates in the evening, the GT has an aura of nostalgia – from the analogue details to the cockpit-style dashboard reminiscent of the seventies. There’s even drilled alloy foot pedals.

Everything about this stunning car screams Bentley heritage; and the interior reinforces this philosophy through retro-inspired design and exceptional attention to detail.

But don’t let the interior design fool you. The Bentley Continental GT still comes with everything you’d expect from a luxury supercar and can reach 0-60mph in just 4.3 seconds. It also has an impressive max torque of 720Nm/531lb-ft.

For these reasons, the Bentley Continental GT deserves a special place on the list of top luxury car interiors.

3. Jaguar XJ (X300)

With the backing of Ford, the Jaguar XJ X300 was somewhat of a rebel back in its day. This was thanks, in no small part, to its controversial retro interior design that propelled the Jaguar XJ X300 into the public spotlight.

Following an extensive redesign of the XJ40, Ford invested £110 million to improve its manufacturing technology and deliver a new top of the range vehicle that left its competitors behind in the dust.

From the ashes of the XJ40 rose the X300, a beautiful vehicle with a seriously impressive interior to boot. Featuring a retro design that was reminiscent of the Series 3 Jaguar XJ, the decision to create a wistful X300 has been largely credited to Ford. The X300 maintained its traditional loyalty towards British leather craftsmanship and a sleek veneer, which characterise other vehicles in Jaguar’s heritage.

The result of this evolution was monumental, marking for the first time a change in Jaguar’s creative direction towards a preference for retro-inspired supercars.

And even after all these years, this incredible car is still remembered for its desire to break from the mould and reinvent itself into something extraordinary.

4. Lexus GS

With a gorgeously roomy interior and a number of technological breakthroughs in its design, the GS 300h fully deserves to be on this list.

It features an excellent array of in-car technology, such as a 12.3-inch full-colour LED screen, and an enviable array of multimedia displays. And what’s more, this car can actually boast of being good for your health. The GS 300h has ‘nanoe deodorises upholstery’ – meaning that it moisturises and protects your skin on long journeys.

In terms of multimedia, however, this gorgeous car comes with Mark Levinson Audio technology. These speakers have been at the top of their range since 1972, and their addition to the GS 300h means that this luxury car has one of the best dashboards of its class.

Comfortable, stylish, and extremely well-designed, this is an excellent example of luxurious car interiors in the 21st century.

5. Audi A8

Last but certainly not least, the Audi A8 is simply a triumph for auto design junkies.

Featuring exclusive interior details made from the highest quality materials, the Audi A8 is the ultimate professional car for inner city driving. There are extended brushed aluminium inlays, LED ambient lighting, and a walnut inlay across the dashboard. These features strongly suggest that Audi has taken the mantra ‘no expenses spared’ and taken it to another level – much to the appreciation of this blogger.

In terms of user-friendly design, the Audi A8 also includes competitive in-car technology. Drivers can expect to access satellite radio and even an in-dash DVD player. Even better, the Audi A8 also comes with wireless hotspot capabilities, making it perfect for travelling business people or impatient backseat drivers.

Either way, Audi has pulled out all the punches with this one. This is definitely one of the most luxurious interiors available on the market.

Written by Sam Dickson on behalf of Stratstone, the UK’s leading premium automotive retailer.

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