THIS is the MOST EXPENSIVE SUV on the Planet

We thought that the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, due to be launched this year, was going to be the most expensive SUV that money can buy (Read: The Rolls-Royce Cullinan: a Diamond in the Rough?) but, hey, we were wrong! The Cullinan is expected to have a price tag starting from US$300,000, but that is nothing compared to this beast revealed at the last Dubai International Motor Show—the Karlmann King can be purchased for a starting retail price of, oh, just US$2 million.

The Karlmann King was designed by IAT Automobile Technology of China, and built by a team of 1,800 people in Europe. The multi-facet armour-like surface—made from carbon fibre and steel—certainly is unlike any other (though not very aerodynamic, we think). If you have enemies, then you can make it bulletproof, but that brings the pricetag up even more. Why, then, does it deserve to demand this amount of money? Well, for one, only 12 of it will be made.

The Karlmann King is built on Ford-550’s platform with a 6.8-litre V10 capable of 395 hp. Er, that’s not very much to drag the 4,500-kilogramme mass that is the vehicle—with bulletproofing, it goes up to 6,000 kilogrammes. So, unsurprisingly, the top speed is a mere 86 mph.

But hey, maybe rich people have the luxury of time, and are in no rush to get anywhere (what do we know, we’re church mice). On their slow, leisurely journey, they can enjoy the opulent interior, which includes an ultra HD television, Hi-Fi sound system, phone projection system, built-in fridge, coffee machine, neon light control, air purification system, and also a private safebox to keep their buttload of money and diamonds in.

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