Thieves make off with Millions from Jaguar Car Plant

Jaguar Land Rover woke up US$3.75 million poorer last Wednesday after cheeky thieves stole two trailers of engines from under the nose of the firm’s security system, at their factory in Solihull in the British Midlands.

Apparently the theft occurred at about 10.30 at night and was in full view of the company’s video surveillance system. The thieves drove a truck through a manned security checkpoint, hitched a trailer full of engines to a truck, and coolly drove straight out again. And all in less than six minutes.

If that wasn’t enough, the same truck came back a little later and did it all again with a second trailer worth of expensive engines. The cheeky raid has left the entire factory in uproar, according to the local newspaper, the Birmingham Mail. The same report quotes a JLR spokesperson as saying that the company is working closely with the Police to solve the engine theft.

The stolen trailers were located a little while after the theft but were empty, and thus the search for the missing engines continues. In the meantime, JLR has offered a reward for the engines and West Midlands Police has issued a warning to would-be engine buyers to check the source of the engines. Our bet is, though, that these cats have left the country.

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