The Unique Manners of Malaysian Drivers

Do you know how AWESOME Malaysian drivers are? Automologist ROS is proud to be one. 

Malaysia is blessed with her own uniqueness. From food and clothing to etiquette and culture. Apart from that, we even produce the best Malaysian drivers. Don’t believe me? Read on.

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1. Traffic lights: Green = Go, Yellow = Speed up, Red = Drive Faster.

Only in Malaysia, especially in the nation’s capital of Kuala Lumpur, will you discover this rule. Here, yellow light does not means slow down. As it is about to turn red, we step on the accelerator because there is an unspoken 10-second rule. Who follows basic traffic rules after getting the driving license? Well, a few, and we salute you.

2. What’s a ‘Zebra Crossing’?

Ooh, that thing for pedestrians, right? It gives them right of way? But the majority of us would just barrel over it. Better yet, we even honk our horns at pedestrians to get them to clear off. Brilliant, no?

3. Multi-tasking in the Car

Every Malaysian driver does this: fiddling with the phone to check the latest FB/Twitter update, playing games, and taking selfies too! Eating in the car and, the champion of all moves, putting on makeup while driving. When we see a traffic police, we throw everything at our feet…even that VERY expensive smartphone. Awesome!

4. Signal lights? What on earth are those?

One of the basics of road manners is to indicate to other road users when we are going to change direction. We don’t seem to be aware of this built-in tool, and switch lanes without using it. And then we’re shown the middle finger, which angers us, and we immediately upload pictures and rant on social media, when in fact we were the one who did wrong in the first place! Wonderful!

5. The speed limit is just a suggestion, right?

Even though it is clearly stated that the limits are 40kph, 60kph, 90kph or 110kph, but does anyone ever follow these “suggestions”? Only if that particular road has AES installed! Other than that, 99% of us do not. Awesome!

6. When we spot a Policeman.

We’re so thoughtful as to update in Waze the presence of a ‘hidden policeman’. We even flash our headlights to alert on-coming traffic of a roadblock. Malaysians are nothing if not helpful.

7. Parking in Style

Only in Malaysia will you encounter drivers who would boldly park anywhere. Next to the highway, next to the drain, on the divider, and the best of them all, double-parking without leaving a mobile numbers on the dashboard, thus leading to the start of the War of the Car Horns.

8. Usage of emergency lanes

When traffic backs up, especially on public holidays and the festive season, the emergency lane drivers emerge. It only takes one to swing into that lane, and a line follows behind. Many a side mirrors have been lost to this type of motorcade. Impressive!

9. U-Turn. Anywhere.

If there’s no “No U-turn” signage, it means we can make a u-turn…right? Then when we get knocked into by an unsuspecting oncoming vehicle, we defend ourselves because “It doesn’t say I can’t u-turn here!”. We’re right, of course.

10. Throwing rubbish out of the window

We want to keep our cars cleans so we throw our rubbish out the window. If our aim is good, it lands on the windscreen of a passing vehicle, but if our aim is great, it lands on the helmet of a biker. Can we invest in a 10 ringgit mini bin from Mr DIY? No, we cannot!

Are you anything like this? We are a unique bunch, aren’t we?

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