The Toyota GT86 gets a makeover

The GT86 rolled off the production line in 2012, alongside the BRZ and FR-S, as the lovechild from a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru. Since then, there has been pleas for a convertible or turbocharged model. No response of that kind yet from Subaru, which is in charge of the production side, but Toyota has given the GT86 a makeover and dubbed the new version the Cb Style (above).

Available only in Japan, this ‘Cool Beauty’ (for that’s what Cb stands for) features only skin-deep changes. The fascia has been reworked and given a new bumper, grille and retro oval headlights that complement its new curvy lines, a throwback to the classic Toyota 2000GT. Besides a deleted rear spoiler, the back of the car hasn’t changed much, which makes the front and back look like two different cars.

Beauty has to come from within as well. The steering wheel has been covered in leather, dials have been replaced with new analogue designs and the dash has been dressed up in ebony woodgrain panels.

The Toyota GT86 Cb will go on sale on 23 April 2015 for ¥4.18 million.

The original GT86.

images: Toyota

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