The Stig gets supersized!

The Top Gear Speed King, aka The Stig, has hit the road at a rather more sedate speed and in a much larger than life form. It is in fact a 29ft statue of the Stig which was strapped to the back of a flat-bed truck at the Top Gear HQ in Dunsford Surrey for an overland journey to Warsaw, Poland.

The Stig gets his Helmet polished!

The mysterious Stig, who wears a mirrored visor to protect his identity, is more usually seen hurtling around the track at ridiculous speeds. However, for this trip it is more likely that he will proceed at a leisurely pace as he also stops off in Amsterdam and Berlin on the way.

In his familiar crossed-arms pose, the (big) Stig will be set up to celebrate the launching of a new Global TV Channel called BBC Brit, on which Top Gear will be featured on the same day that it is screened in the UK.

Amanda Hill, the chief brands officer for BBC Worldwide which is behind the channel launch, said, “BBC Brit will be the new home of Top Gear in Poland. So what better way to mark this than by taking them a giant Stig? Fans will be able to spot him on the roads of England, Holland and Germany – he’s impossible to miss.”

As Jeremy Clarkson might say:

“Some say he is a giant measuring nine yards in height and travels around on the back of a flat-bed truck.

“All we know is that he’s called The Stig.”

The Stig drives off into the sunset.

images: Top Gear

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