The Philippines belongs to Toyota

Our Philippine correspondent, Harold, pointed out recently that seven out of the Top Ten Best Selling Cars in the Philippines is a Toyota, which helped the Japanese carmaker conquer 39.3% of the total vehicle sales in the Philippines last year. Here’s the Top Ten Cars in the Philippines in 2016: –

NO. 1 – TOYOTA VIOS – 36,256 Units Sold

NO. 2 – TOYOTA FORTUNER – 28,549 Units Sold

NO. 3 – TOYOTA HI-ACE – 19,913 Units Sold

NO. 4 – TOYOTA WIGO – 18,430 Units Sold

NO. 5 – TOYOTA INNOVA – 18,137 Units Sold

NO. 6 – TOYOTA AVANZA – 13,466 Units Sold

NO. 7 – MITSUBISHI MIRAGE G4 – 12,880 Units Sold

NO. 8 – FORD EVEREST – 12,453 Units Sold

NO. 9 – TOYOTA HILUX – 12,405 Units Sold

NO. 10 – HYUNDAI ACCENT – 12,360 Units Sold

Although these cars are bestsellers, they are not necessarily the best quality available in the market, according to Harold. So, why are the better quality cars not selling well? Harold says it is all about the perceived value of the vehicle, which is heavily influenced by effective marketing. However, the cars to watch in 2017, which could challenge Toyota’s lead, are Mitsubishi Montero, Mitsubishi L-300 and Isuzu mu-X, which are registering remarkable sales in the first six months of 2017.

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