The next Electric Superstar hails from Finland

The best thing that Finland has given the world is no longer the badass phones that could survive any fall, knock or sometimes even baptism by water aka NOKIA. Now, a new car that was designed, developed and hand-built entirely in Finland has been crowned the title of most powerful all-electric supercar in the world.

You’ll be forgiven for never hearing of the name Toroidion, the Finnish start-up that created the 1MW concept car. Capable of a full megawatt (1,341 hp), it’s undoubtedly one of the most powerful supercars we’ve seen so far, beating the Rimac Concept One which has what is a now a relatively weak output of 1,088hp.

The 1MW car features some interesting technologies besides pure unrivalled power – it has a scalable powertrain and even a fast-swap battery system. Each wheel has its own electric motors – 200kW units for the front wheels and 300kW ones for the rear – making it a four wheel drive.

The Toroidion 1MW features clean, sleek lines with classic proportions and a touch of retro. The superstar supercar is road-legal, and Toroidion promises more updates about its performance “as soon as the tests have been performed”.

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