The M4 Coupe Initiation

We have seen the M4 coupe in action in an earlier clip, drifting on an aircraft carrier; despite the use of CGI, we were impressed.

In a new promotional video from BMW, Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg takes the wheel of the new M4 to initiate it into the M vehicles club. The video shows the BMW M4 manoeuvring an epic course marked entirely by current and classic BMW M’s, including a supremely rare BMW 1 Series M coupe. The M4’s spectacular handling is demonstrated, through tricky corners and sharp turns, without crashing into its ancestors.

BMW said it recruited a total of 52 M cars from fans to line what at first appeared to be a random course design (we counted less cars in the end, but perhaps the rest were just back-ups), until the M4 completed the wild ride and finally took its place with the rest of the cars to form the BMW M logo.

If the video doesn’t load, go to

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