The Luckiest Biker, EVER!

It could just as well be a scene out of Mission Impossible or Spiderman, but this happened without safety gear or a trained stuntman, on a busy road in Russia, quite unexpectedly. It’s so astounding and unlikely that you will replay the video repetitiously, just to marvel at the rider’s acrobatic ability or sheer dumb luck, depending on how you view it.

As the biker crashed into the rear of a car, which changed lane about the same time, he goes into a somersault and lands on the roof of the car…with style, we might add! It appeared as if the biker then sat down; we imagine that his legs had collapsed from the shock.

The entire incident takes place within seconds, but it was enough to have us holding our breaths. Behold, the LUCKIEST BIKER EVER!

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