The Aventador on HRE Wheels

The Lamborghini Aventador is the standout amongst standouts. It’s one of the craziest car ever to make it to production; it looks and drives like it had leapt out of a video game into reality. The all-wheel drive supercar charges onwards on 700PS to a top speed of 217mph; you can go faster with a Bugatti Veyron, but there wouldn’t be much of a difference between zero to 62mph.

The Aventador is the epitome of ‘car beauty’ today – the looks that most car lovers are crazy for – like how the Countach was the benchmark in the eighties and the Diablo in the nineties. Form, function and flair don’t often come together. Since we’re talking about having it all, check out this Aventador that glides on matte black RS101 wheels from American performance wheels manufacturer, HRE. The wheels and the custom-painted Aventador look like they are a match made in heaven.


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