Tesla Needs to Put Elon Musk Back in the Baby Chair

In anybody’s terms, the past few months have been a bit of a turbulent time for the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. Ignoring the various production problems that the company has had, there has been a slew of other sensational and sometimes salacious news coming from the electric car manufacturer: publicly accusing the hero of the Thai football team rescue of being a paedophile, without the faintest shred of evidence, and the ensuing lawsuit; smoking a joint of marijuana while conducting a radio interview; and then being investigated by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) for publicly announcing that he would take Tesla private and reversing that decision.

Now, it would seem that the Justice Department (DoJ) has got into the act and is formally investigating the company, although at this time it is not clear if this is due to the findings of the SEC or for something else. But with the DoJ conducting its own probe, this means that along with any civil litigation arising from these investigations, Musk could also be facing criminal charges.

We don’t know yet what the charges are or what the investigation is about and, of course, Elon and Tesla are innocent until proven guilty, but the stock market has not responded well; the share value for Tesla has fallen markedly following this recent news. In the automaker’s defence, Tesla has announced that as of yet it has received no subpoena, had responded to a voluntary request for further information and is cooperating in full with the aforementioned request. But now the DoJ has a toe-hold in Tesla, it can look for other signs of misconduct and who knows what pandora’s box it may be opening.

The board of directors would probably like to remove him from office at this time, but removing such a charismatic and visionary leader would never be easy. It would seem that the board of Tesla needs to put Elon firmly back into the child safety seat and strap him in until he learns to behave like the CEO of a publicly listed company, and certainly before he causes further damage to the company.

Young Elon Musk, looking like the well-behaved boy that he is now not. Image source: businessinsider.com

Of course, Elon Musk is renowned for his flamboyance and also his innovation, and he has never been shy of creating an attention-grabbing headline or two. Apart from Tesla, he also started Space X, which this week announced its first paying passenger for a trip around the moon.


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He also created PayPal,  the online payment platform and is working on a new generation of mag-lev trains called the Hyperloop.  Most recently he has had his sights set firmly on Mars and right now, bet he wishes he could get there sooner rather than later.

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