Tesla announces robotic recharging arm

Elon Musk has continued his love of keeping his adoring followers up to date via Twitter. This week, the founder of Tesla Motors and still the CEO over at the US electric vehicle manufacturer has revealed that the company is working on a robotic arm for recharging the Model S.

It would seem that the problem is not the lack of available recharging stations but the inability of owners to remember to plug the darn things in once they are parked up for the night. Unbeknown to most of us, the Tesla S, besides needing electricity to tool around town, also uses battery charge even when it is not moving to keep the li-ion batteries cool. This means that just forgetting to plug the beastie in one evening could result in a lack of juice the next morning and a quick jog to the local bus stop so you can get to work.

So that the forgetful owners of the Tesla S can avoid having to regularly exercise running for the bus, the company is working on a robotic system that will negate the need to do all of that fiddly stuff like plugging your car in as it will automatically hook your car up and let the juice flow.

There are no details yet but it is believed that the system will be compatible with all Model S vehicles and thus will be fairly sophisticated.

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