Super (toy) cars for kids!

Now kids can be petrolheads too! Broon is a range of sophisticated, state-of-the-art, smart toy cars that are almost like the real thing. The company, Henes, has just announced their F8 series of pint-sized electric cars. Now your child can cruise down your driveway in style, just like daddy does. The F870 features a dual-motor electric ‘drivetrain’, disc brakes and an independent gas shock-coil spring suspension setup, which can also be used to describe many performance vehicles.

Okay, so the car is meant for ages five and younger, but we don’t think that that will stop older kids or even the parents from trying to squeeze into it. Also, it will be difficult to get one at the moment, as the car is still in its prototype stage. But when it goes on sale, it will retail for US$895 to 1000.


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