Super Saloon, Super Sleek: The Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin has tore off the veil of its all-new Lagonda. The first images of the ultra-luxury sedan or, as the British automaker prefers, “super saloon”, has been officially released.

Designed specially for the Middle Eastern market, there will only be a limited production of less than a hundred. The Lagonda glides in style on the VH platform and flaunts carbon fibre body panels. An updated V12 6.0-litre engine that generates around 600hp is mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox, catapulting the car from dead stop to 100kph in a respectable 4.2 seconds.

The wedge-shaped design on the first Lagonda’s was considered avant-garde back in the day. It is also believed to be the first car ever to use a computerised engine system and feature a digital instrument panel. When it was launched in 1976, it was also the most pricey mass-produced car in the world. But, not uncommon for early technology adopters, the car was rife with problems, especially with the digital technology that was incorporated into the vehicle.

The Lagonda is now ready to be re-introduced to the public, but Aston Martin is still taciturn about much of its details, including the small matter of the price. If they are going to call the car “super”, we expect the price tag to be in the same league.

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