Super Bowl’s Car Ads

New car advertisements emerged for the 2017 Super Bowl, which took place last Sunday.

At around US$5 million for 30 seconds of airtime and with some adverts replayed numerous times during the game, it can cost tens of millions to run an advertising campaign during the Super Bowl, so manufacturers often rely on big advertising guns to craft memorable adverts for them. Hyundai was the big spender last year, forking out an estimated US$30 million for two 60-second pre-game ads, including the pre-kick off slot and a further two 30-second commercials during the game.

Here are some of the best car ads for 2017 and of past Super Bowls:

Audi S5

Audi is back in 2017 with another Super Bowl advertisement tackling gender inequality, with the new S5 as the hero car. The story tells of a young girl competing in a downhill cart race in her hometown. As the fearless daughter weaves her way through a field of competitors, her father contemplates whether his daughter’s worth will be measured by her gender through a series of provocative questions. It is a reminder that progress doesn’t belong to any one group. Progress is for everyone:


Kia Niro

Watch Melissa McCarthy during the Big Game as she sets off on a mission to save the planet. Unfortunately, she finds out the hard way that it’s not easy to be an eco-warrior. Luckily she drives the 2017 Kia Niro:


Tostitos (never drink & drive)

In this advert, Tostitos’s packaging has a built-in breathalyser which dispenses Uber codes if alcohol is detected:


Honda CR-V

Honda celebrates people who chase their dreams with reckless abandonment and the amazing things that happen when their dreams come true; just like the all-new Honda CR-V, a 20-year dream come true:


Audi R8

The R8 was back again in 2016, with a nod to the late David Bowie:



The Volkswagen ad featuring a mini Darth Vader, made for the 2011 Super Bowl, is one of the best known Super Bowl car ads, and definitely a memorable one:


What better way to welcome Mercedes’s 2011 model range than with a great gathering of older models:

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