STOP in the Name of the Flaw!

Police chiefs in the Northern English county of Yorkshire were almost left red-faced after their new batch of Vauxhall Astra patrol cars turned up with the word “POLCE” painted big and bold on each side.

The local constabulary acted swiftly and sent the new cars back to the dyslexic paint shop prior to them hitting the streets, but Yorkshire Police still suffered the ignominy of a picture of the flaw doing the rounds on social media.

Of course to err is human, and the Police did correct the mistake before it got out onto the streets, and thus all is forgiven. The Captain of a British nuclear submarine may not be so fortunate though and may well face the sack after he drove his underwater nuclear arsenal into a passing merchant vessel in the Mediterranean. Oops!

Anybody that has watched any war movies on the telly will obviously know that modern submarines are equipped with the sort of technology that allows them to hear a seal breaking wind a thousand miles away, so bumping into a passing cargo ship should be unfathomable. But that is precisely what happened, leaving the billion pound vessel limping into harbour for emergency repairs.

The Captain will face a court martial and very likely his naval career is over, but in a way, that could be a good thing as the UK only has seven hunter killer subs, so to lose one in peace time cannot be a good thing. But, like we said, to err is human…

Easy does it boys…
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