Snakes on a Car

A snake caused panic in the occupants of a car in Australia as it emerged from the engine bay of a fast moving car and slithered across the bonnet and onto the windscreen.

The event was captured on mobile phone footage by the passenger, Gaby McCloskey, which showed the snake initially being whipped about and buffeted by the wind as it emerged from the front grille of the car.

Gaby and the driver initially were amused by the reptile; well, at least whilst it was at a safe distance; however, this turned to panic as the serpent regained its composure and slithered towards them across the bonnet and onto the windscreen, where it lodged for a while.

Still looking for a graceful exit, the snake then shoots up the windscreen, and seemingly tries to enter the car through the driver’s window, which was fortunately closed at the time. Shortly after this, the video ends, but we are happy to hear that according to Gaby McCloskey, no snakes were harmed during the making of the film.

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