Skoda VisionSea – the worst/best April Fools joke?

On 1 April, Skoda released a press release announcing its VisionSea hybrid motor yacht, which borrows the same design elements from the VisionC concept. According to the press release, the yacht is propelled through the water using a hybrid system that combines a 180hp turbocharged TSI with a 270hp electric motor, mated to a 6-speed DSG; it can cover 50 nautical miles while on electric power and can cruise for up to 980 nautical miles.

Though rather surprised that Skoda was venturing into producing nautical vehicles, automotive media reported the news as if it was bona fide, although some made fun at the “simply clever” solutions, which included “foldable water-ski hooks, lifejacket holders and more”- that and the date of the press release should have given the game away.

Ok, we admit – we were dubious but not entirely certain about the authenticity of the news…until Skoda released another press release later to set the record straight – the VisionSea is one big April Fools’ foolery. The carmaker added that it has not ruled out expanding its existing model range, but stated definitively that it would not be into speed boat design. Suddenly, we wish that the VisionSea was not just a joke.

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