Sexy & Powerful: The Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4

Introducting the much anticipated, utterly overpowered hybrid from the Italian sports car maker – the Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4. This machine, named after a Greek deity, does not just have a lofty name…it could possibly be the catapult that launches Lamborghini into the future.

Lamborghini’s first ever hybrid model comes with a drivetrain that mates a 5.2-litre v10 engine to the same seven-speed DSG found on the Huracan and hooks it up to three electric motors for what the Italians claim to generate a total of 910hp. This makes the Asterion the most powerful Lamborghini ever, and lands it in the same class as McLaren P1 and LaFerrari.

The makers claim a zero to 100kph sprint time of three seconds, a top speed of 320kph, and a combined fuel economy of 55.8mpg (US standards). Officials are tight-lipped on whether the Asterion will reach production stage, but if the success of other hybrids like the 918 Spyder, P1 and LaFerrari is any indicator, we expect that it will very soon.


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