Sex In The City, Redefined

Amorous drivers in the Philippines can breathe a huge sigh of relief as the top cop in the city of Quezon (part of Metro-Manila) has de-criminalised sexual intercourse within the confines of your own car.

According to a report from the Philippine news channel, ABS-CBN News, the city’s top police official, Chief Superintendent Richard Albano, has banned police officers from apprehending lovers engaged in intimate acts inside their parked vehicles.

‘That is not our priority. Our priority is the anti-crime campaign,’ the Quezon City Police District’s (QCPD) Director said. Albano issued the directive to the Quezon district’s 12 police station commanders to stop the night patrols of a few unscrupulous policemen.

Albano said intimate acts inside one’s car, even if the allegations were true, do not constitute a criminal offense. ‘It is within the privacy of one’s car, so there is nothing alarming or scandalous in that,’ the police general said. I can only assume that the General would rather we park our car in a secluded place and not avail ourselves of the new freedom at a traffic light or busy interchange.

The announcement came after news broke about the arrest of two policemen from the Galas police station who allegedly tried to extort ₱20,000 from a couple allegedly having sex inside a parked car in New Manila last Tuesday night.

‘I will personally hold all station commanders responsible for their men if another extortion incident happens like this again,’ Albano said. The two officers arrested for extortion have been relieved of their duties following the incident.

So the next time you are in the Philippines and can’t get a room, why not take a drive to downtown Quezon City? Tinted auto glass is allowed there, if you are interested to know.


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