Series 3 & 4 Down, Grand Finals To Go!

1 December 2013 saw the last series (3 and 4) of the X-1R Go-Kart Enduro Race, with teams competing for their last chance to enter the Grand Finals. The registration and briefing took place early on that bright Sunday morning, with 20 teams gathering at the Sepang Go-Kart Circuit:

The endurance style races lasted for an hour each, with teams competing to be placed amongst the top 3 to qualify for the Grand Finals. The fun continued with the 15-lap sprint race that followed, for drivers from the Series 3 and 4 winning teams to race against X-1R’s celebrity lineup.


Celeb Lina Johor flashes a peace sign as she finishes first in the X-1R Individual Race!


We are pleased to announce the winners and their best lap time recorded:-


Series 3 results:

  1. Macam Yes Tapi Bukan Team – best time of 01:07.380
  2. 1 Malaysia Team – best time of 01:09.207
  3. Miracle Team – best time of 01:08.638


Series 4 results:

  1. Lancer GT Club Team – best time of 01:07.950
  2. GUN’S Motorsport Team – best time of 01:07.592
  3. Dworks Racing Team – best time of 01:08.854


X1R Individual Race results:

  1. Lina Johor (X-1R team) – best time of 01:09.950
  2. Sebastian (Miracle team) – best time of 01:09.352
  3. Julian (X-1R team) – best time of 01:09.269


The Best of the Best Car prize went to a member of the Proton Persona Owners Car Club.

The Grand Finals will take place early next year. We’ll be announcing the details very soon!

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