See You Again beats Gangnam Style

See You Again, the theme song from Fast and Furious 7, has dethroned Gangnam Style as the most watched video on the internet. Gangnam Style is of course the somewhat quirky video from Psy of South Korea that spawned a global dance craze for equestrian moves, and was the first video ever to clock up over one billion views as it powered to a very respectable 2.895 billion.

The video of See You Again sees Wiz Khalifa rapping along to Charlie Puth’s singing as they overlook a sandy coastline, interspersed with scenes from the film Furious 7. The song is of course a sort of modern day requiem for Paul Walker, the actor who died in a car wreck before the film was finished. Take a look at the video one more time….

You could argue that Psy’s achievement was the more remarkable, as the song was mostly in Korean and it went on to top the English-language-dominated music charts. Perhaps this could be a trend; coming up fast behind See You Again is a Spanish language reggae song that has been at the top of the American charts for the past nine weeks, and already is the fifth most viewed video of all time with some 2.486 billion views; only anther half a billion to go before it beats the Furious 7’s song!

And you thought this was just a motoring blog.

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