China’s Truce with Trump is Good News for Car Companies

In a major change to a very long standing policy, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has announced that it will be cutting the import duty on imported cars to 15%, a move that will further open up the market to imported cars, something that was high up on President Trump’s agenda.

Good News for the Philippines as the Lack of Cobalt Starts Hurting Electric Automakers

As we rush head-long into the brave new world of electric cars, there is a small detail that we all seem to have forgotten, and that is the availability of one of the key components of the Li-ion batteries. That component is cobalt, a fairly rare element that is usually associated as a by-product in the world’s copper and nickel mines. This of course will benefit any country with appreciable deposits of the blue stuff.

Top FIVE Automotive News of 2015

2015 had its share of scandalous stories and the ups and downs of the automotive business, but we were also entertained by new trends and impressed with cutting edge technologies. If last year’s news was a movie, it would be a sci-fi with multiple plot twists and shocking moments throughout, riddled with intrigue and conspiracy! But it would also end with a sense of hope for the future. Here are our top five automotive news from last year:

More Bad News For The Sage Grouse

In an acquisition and merger deal that may have gone relatively unnoticed by most of the world, Whiting Petroleum Corporation has acquired control over Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp in a deal worth a cool US$3.8 billion. Due to the…