X-1R Gets Rid of Engine Sludge, EFFECTIVELY

Over years, an engine will have build-up of sludge, metal dusts and a host of abrasive contaminants in the hard to reach machinery and moving parts. Gum, grit, varnish and other by-products of combustion are not fully cleaned out of engines by timely and regular oil changes alone. The build-up of sludge deposits can lead to problems, including sticking valves, carbon build-up and clogged passages that restrict the flow of oil to vital engine parts, especially in upper valve train areas. These deposits will remain in your engine even after regular oil changes. 

Geely’s Concept Icon Unveiled at Beijing Motor Show

The Beijing Motor Show kicks off today, and whilst the limelight is undoubtedly hogged by Tesla, with attendees swarming around its models (the X, 3 and S) on display, there is nothing new there. So, we turn our attention instead to Geely’s futuristic SUV, the Concept Icon.