General Motors announces The Future Is Here

Mary Barra announcing the first mass-produced autonomous car…Our Automologist, MAC, still doesn’t want it.

In April of this year, the last living person from the 1800’s died. In her 117 years on this earth, she had watched the world change in some unbelievable ways and it made me wonder about the changes the oldest person from my generation would witness.

What is going on at General Motors?

A few short months ago, GM sold off its European Opel/Vauxhall subsidiary to Peugeot, a global competitor, and just last week it announced that after years of trying and failing, it was pulling out of the Indian market.

Zika Virus Hits Tata Motors

The spread of Zika virus that has been making international headlines for the past few weeks has finally claimed its first automotive casualty over at Tata. The Indian carmaker has decided to change the name of its heavily promoted newest addition, which was to be called the Zica, to avoid the homophone problem of sounding the same as the deadly virus and thus any negative jokes that would undoubtedly pursue it.