Electric Wonderland Car Rentals, Yes Please!

The next time you rent a car in California, it could be an Electric Vehicle (EV). In fact, it could be a Tesla S Performance as Hertz, the international rent-a-car company, is now offering the range-topping Tesla in a couple of its Californian locations.

Singapore: Car Rental Business Boom

It is notoriously expensive to own a car in Singapore. The government’s efforts to curb traffic overcrowding on an island with limited land and even less road space have lead to multiple regulations enforced by the Land Transport Authority.

Now You Can Co-Own a Supercar, Then Make Money When It Is Sold

In recent years, investment portfolios have branched out to alternative assets—art, wine, antiques, and yes, even cars. But cars of value that could potentially skyrocket with time are usually of the classic and luxury genres, the likes of which most of use cannot afford. For 99.9% of us, we would never get to sit in a supercar much less own one.