Punishing Bad Parking

We have all seen it too often – cars parked haphazardly, disregarding clear demarcation of parking spots or in specially reserved spots for the disabled when the driver is clearly able-bodied. Most of us just grit our teeth and grumble a little, but do nothing else about it. Some, though, take matters into their own hands.

The next time we see an example of bad – or just plain rude – parking, here are some impactful and even creative actions that we will consider emulating:


1. Leave a BOLD message

It is ideal to leave a message that is indelible but we don’t all have a can of paint on hand, all the time. So, second-best alternatives are marker pens or even lipstick.
That’s an insult to Miss Keller.

If the driver is both a bad “parker” and a dirty slob, we can etch a message in the dust to convey double meaning.

Better yet, let’s draw attention to what an idiot the driver is by crafting large, glaring notes in the space around the vehicle – after all, the space has been rendered useless by the selfish drivers.


2. Break something

We wouldn’t go so far as to damage the car, no matter how badly parked it is (the car itself is innocent!). But when the car comes between a fire hydrant and a fire, something’s got to give!

3. Justice through teamwork
This would require coordination between drivers who are mutually irritated by bad parking. But working together would make a stronger point – many people angry, at you they are.

4. Leave a SNARKY but FUNNY message

This may be a hyperbole, but sometimes we do feel like bad drivers are the bane of our existence.

And the SHIT PARKING AWARD goes to….some people just keep winning this one, again and again.

Here is an option that you can print out and keep handy in the glove compartment:

5. Letting karma do its job

Some people have millions to buy a car, but they certainly have limited brain cells.

6. You shouldn’t be driving, ANYWAY

NO, they cannot be allowed to drive off so easily after being inconsiderate and inconveniencing everyone else. They have got to pay!

7. Give the car a FACELIFT

Try getting into this one. At least the plastic wrappings will keep the car clean and fresh.

This requires some artistic skill, lots of post-it notes and dexterity in getting it all on before the driver returns. But the message is clear – don’t park in spots reserved for disabled persons if you are not one.

This driver did not react well to finding his car resurfaced in post-its, while the crowd jeered at him. A bit of public humiliation might have helped reaffirm the lesson. All we say is that he got what he deserved.

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