President Jokowi buys a Customised Royal Enfield Bullet

When one is a leader of a nation, everything one says or does is followed, praised, highlighted, talked about or ridiculed. In the case of Indonesia’s president, Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, one can say that he has the Midas touch, with policies taking root and moving the country forward.

He is looking into every sector that can spur the nation, the automotive industry being one of them. Recently, he purchased a custom-made Royal Enfield Bullet 350 from the guys at Elders Garage workshop.

The President with his new ride.

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The gold-painted motorcycle, dubbed “Chopperland’ (based on the short film at the bottom), arrived at his Bogor Palace and he was thrilled. The President said even his son was excited and couldn’t wait for his turn on the bike.

“The frame was made in Jakarta and the seat was made in Bandung using genuine leather,” said Vero, a partner at Elders Garage.

President Jokowi first fell in love with the motorcycle in an event last year called Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge). He got on the bike and had a feeling that it was just right for him.

“This gold Chopperland motorcycle is our first product. In the Youth Pledge event, we brought it here and Pak Jokowi was interested,” said Heret, another partner at Elders Garage. There and then, the President negotiated a deal for the Bullet.

“The original price was Rp 150 million (US$11,261) and I negotiated it down to Rp 140 million,” said President Jokowi. Being the business-minded individual that he is, the purchase was made to increase the brand’s value.

“I have purchased a locally made product to increase the brand’s value. This is not my first time, I have pushed for local products like Sejiwa Coffee in Bandung, Tuku Coffee Shop in Jakarta and Aming Coffee in Pontianak,” said the President.

Jokowi has faith that the Chopperland motorcycle has great export potential to countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

If you would like to know more about Elders Garage, hit this link : and we sure hope they’ll join this year’s Art Of Speed.

As promised, the short film:

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