Porsche add Five more 911 Variants, Because They Can!

Can you have too many 911’s? Automologist MAC doesn’t think so.  

Porsche aficionados will easily be able to tell you that there are currently 16 versions of the 911 Carrera in production, which is of course quite a smorgasbord to choose from. So, just to mix things up, Porsche has decided to add a further five variants, taking the total of choices to twenty-one. I can hear those of you out there who have never lived with a Porsche in the garage groan and ask “why oh why would they do this”, but I will jump to Porsche’s defence with the only possible answer and that is because they can!

All 911’s manufactured now have a turbo-charger bolted onto the new flat-six three-litre engine and already in the Carrera S format have more power than the average driver could ever wish for at some 420bhp. The new five will all be GTS versions with Coupe, Targa and Convertible versions available, but with a bigger turbo that enables the driver to squeeze out 450bhp, which of course is very hairy chested.

The new GTS variants will all have Porsche Active Suspension Management and the marvelous Porsche AWD system (with the exception of the Coupe version) and a lowered drive height, but apart from that, there seems to be very little other difference in the mechanics of the car. I have already seen a couple of reviews that refer to the GTS as a ‘facelift’ on the current Carrera S but this really does not give respect to what the engineers over at Stuttgart have done to increase the performance.

So the bulk of the GTS modifications seem to be more on the design front than engineering changes, and that is probably quite right as the current 911 is without a doubt the best everyday supercar out there. Wider track, larger wheels, tinted tail lights, lowered ride height and rear engine intake ports are just some of the changes that will distinguish the GTS at a glance from the standard Carrera S’s.

Some of us are still awaiting the arrival of the 911 R, the vehicle that was launched last year and is supposed to take Porsche back to its racing roots. I have posted the video of the R below. Why? Because I can!


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