“Pizza Anyone?” Asks Ford

Image credit – via www.motorauthority.com

Residents across Miami are in for a treat as the humble pizza will be delivered to you, not by a person. Ford is teaming up with Domino’s to trial a self-driving delivery service.

Customers are selected randomly and offered the chance to have their pizzas delivered by one of the test delivery cars. Should a customer choose to participate, they will receive text message instructions as the car approaches on how to retrieve their pizza pie. There will be a unique code that unlocks the storage compartment, which is heated so that the pizza stays warm. (Salivating already).

One drawback, however, is that the pizza is no longer brought to your door. Someone has to go out and get it. However, Ford sees it as a customer benefit for they no longer have to tip the delivery person.

Image credit – via www.thetorquereport.com

As a safety precaution, an engineer will be placed behind the wheel at all times to monitor progress and take over in case of an emergency. The lessons learned from the trial will be used to tailor and fine-tune future services.

Ford is still developing its self-driving technology, which the automaker hopes to have ready for a purpose-built self-driving car minus steering wheel and pedals by 2021. The Blue Oval is developing the self-driving technology with Argo AI, with whom it will invest USD1 billion over the next five years. Pittsburgh-based Argo specializes in robotics, computer science, and artificial intelligence.

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