Pirelli’s 2018 Calendar’s Theme is…WHAT?!

 Let’s hear from Automologist ATHERTON if he likes Pirelli’s new calendar. 

Every year, I wait in anticipation to see what the Pirelli calendar has to offer, only to be disappointed many times. It’s like going to a restaurant and looking through the menu, seeing wonderful pictures of food, only to lose that hunger when the food that arrives does not live up to expectations.

I was rather perplexed when I heard that this year’s theme was ‘Alice in Wonderland’—how does that relate to Pirelli? No doubt the photographer, Tim Walker, is a talented individual, but recent themes do not live up to calendars of bygone days.



Is it a platform for photographers to display their artistry, and for models and celebrities to display their beauty? If it is, then Pirelli might need to think about its brand visibility. To me, the calendar has to include the product captured in frame as well.

There’s been some years when the photographs had nothing to do with tyres, which misses the point. However, there were some creative enough to incorporate tyres into them, and still had class.

Talent and product, that’s what we’re talking about.   


See, you can be creative.   


Subtle message. Nice.  

Society is starting to frown upon images in which the fairer sex is exploited. Who wouldn’t? I agree that it should not go beyond certain boundaries but there has to be an element of sex appeal blended together with the product, don’t you think? If not, it wouldn’t be that coveted calendar that everyone looks forward to.

Why in the world would there be paddock girls, autoshow usherers, and the like? Simple. We humans are visual beings; we respond to visual imagery far better than any other sensory stimuli. I’m not talking about full frontal nudity or whatever your imagination is conjuring up right now, but creative utilization of talent and product.

One of my colleague’s favourite. I concur.

Have a look at the 2018 calendar and tell us what you think. All I can say to Pirelli is this: Please bring back the good ol’ times. My eyes are tearing.

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