Philippine Inventor Wants to Cut Travel Time with Personal Passenger Drone

As you know, over here at Automology we love our flying cars stories. Generally, we report about some big corporation from America or the UK that has a massive budget and is developing the next generation of personal airborne mobility. But now, an inventor from the Philippines, working on a shoe-string budget, has stolen the limelight from the big boys after he showcased what he claims to be a flying sports car for the future.

The inventor goes by the name of Kyxz Mendiola and he would describe himself as a former dancer and camera operator. He hails from the City of Batangas, which is a couple of hours drive south of the Philippine capital of Manila.

The vehicle is called the Koncepto Milenya and is capable of flying at about 60kph at a height of 6.1 metres and carry about 100 kilos. There is no information on the battery life, but the maiden flight last week lasted for a mere ten minutes. The vehicle is equipped with 16 rotary motors and is able to carry on flying even if a couple of them fail.

Kyxz in his car. The hair is a bit…windswept.

Kyxz has been working on the machine for a number of years but as he is financing it personally, he has found it hard to find the funds that will allow him to develop the machine faster or even further. His dream is for the Koncepto Milenya to become a regular sight in the skies around Manila, where it would be useful for avoiding the jams that regularly choke the city.

As he rode his machine out of a warehouse in a cloud of swirling dust, accompanied by the cheers from the assembled crowd.

Good on you, Kyxz.

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