Peugeot 308R: the testosterone-infused White Collar Hot Hatch

Automologist KEVIN introduces us to this impressive new concept from Peugeot. 

Peugeot’s latest solution to a green hot hatch is the all-new 308 R Hybrid Concept. This all-new bionic lion, although a concept, has the capacity to spurt out some serious power, up to 493 horsepower, all thanks to a 1.6L 266 horsepower engine with two rear electric motors. This new powertrain will make the 308R a 4-wheel-drive beast. The car will accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in less than 4 seconds. That’s really impressive, considering that it’s Porsche 911 territory; this car will be stiff competition for the other more popular hot hatches, such as Mercedes-AMG A45, VW Golf Type R or the Audi RS3 Sportback.

Peugeot has always expressed its interest in the high performance sports hatchback segment, where VW Golf GTI and Ford Focus RS are dominating. And in 2015, it gave us the 308 GTi with a no-fuss standard 6-speed manual slush box and a spirited 1.6L THP engine pushing out 266 bhp with 330 Nm of torque. Although not available in most markets (yes, I meant not in Bolehland..), it did give all other hot hatches a run for their money in markets where it did sell.

According to online reports, Peugeot’s chief executive, Jean-Philippe Imparato, has confirmed that a new high-performance hatchback will be available soon in the company’s product line, hopefully implying the launch of the 308R’s. Occupying a pioneer position for now in the line-up, this is expected to be a worthy replacement (though not the same segment) for the previously abandoned RCZ-R Coupe.

According to Jean Phillipe, they still have room for expansion in their product line in each of the segment. With that in mind, we should be seeing more variants of the 208 and 308 segments, I hope.

Let’s just hope we see them on Malaysian roads.

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