On-road tests prove Bridgestone tyres save fuel

ECOPIA tyres offer over 9% fuel savings over competitors.

Bridgestone Asia Pacific recently proved the claim that its ECOPIA tyres could save fuel, and in on-road tests no less. The EP150 model undertook a 1,700km trip across the Java Island while the EP200 went for a 140km drive from Yangon to Phayargyi. The two tyre models were each pitted against two other brands fitted on similar vehicles which made the same journey. To ensure that all other factors were kept equal, the test also measured tyre pressure and distance covered.

The results showed that the EP150 achieved between 9 to 12% better fuel economy compared to the two other brands, and the EP200 achieved an even better 16.4%; that’s about a full tank of fuel for every six to 12 tanks.

As we have written before, although the prices of oil and at the pump have been falling, it is not an excuse to neglect the environment or waste fuel. It would be wise to conserve our limited energy reserves, and this is one more way to do so. For the full press release from Bridgestone, click here.

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