Now You Can Co-Own a Supercar, Then Make Money When It Is Sold

In recent years, investment portfolios have branched out to alternative assets—art, wine, antiques, and yes, even cars. But cars of value that could potentially skyrocket with time are usually of the classic and luxury genres, the likes of which most of use cannot afford. For 99.9% of us, we would never get to sit in a supercar much less own one.

But how about getting a piece of the action by investing in one, along with other co-investors, and effectively owning a share of it. That’s the idea that UK-based Supercar Investment Club proposes. And all you need is as little as £500.

The Supercar Investment Club will source for potential cars and publish shortlisted ones on its website, along with the funding goal. Investors get to purchase shares for their preferred car, and if the funding goal is achieved, the Club will go ahead with the transaction; if not, the money will be returned (ala Kickstarter style). The bought vehicle will then be stored at a secure facility for a maximum of three years; at the end of that term, if a profitable offer had not already been made and the car sold, it will be put up for sale. The profit, minus commission, will then be shared amongst the investors.

At the time of writing, the Club is crowdfunding moolah for a 1991 Ferrari F40, with under 4,500 miles on the odometer and is one of the best examples of this model, as is claimed. In the last five years, according to the Club, the average price of F40s from auctions and listings have increased by 131%. Sounds like it would be a sound investment, whilst also giving someone with £500 lying around the bragging rights to say he/she owns a supercar.

But if you think that you would, as an investor, get to take the car out and around the block sometimes, you are very mistaken. This is not a timeshare programme. According to the Club’s website: “(The cars’) iconic status, rarity and investment potential mean that their current multi-millionaire and billionaire owners rarely drive them and most are stored away to be admired…” In other words, to maintain (and increase) the value of the car, it will remain locked up in the car vault, and receive maintenance as required.

If you really, really want to drive a supercar instead, the Club suggests (and this writer read this in an imaginary haughty voice): “…a Supercar rental club will allow this.”

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