New F1 Regulation Shake-up…and Race Car Reveals

The new Formula 1 season starts in about a month and teaser videos, official and otherwise, of the new race cars are out. The regulation changes for 2017 is what the FIA deems one of the biggest shake-ups since 2014, which was when hybrid turbo units were introduced.

This year, we will see significant alteration to the bodywork and tyres, which will get longer and wider, thus increasing downforce and grip, but also making the cars much harder to race. Which also means, we can expect to see more crashes.

A prediction of the 2017 McLaren Honda car was released by automotive artists, Chris Blankley and Carlos Pecino. They translated their passion in F1 into a photo-realistic CG animation of what McLaren Honda’s new machine could look like:

Williams Mercedes also teased us with its new FW40:

We can expect more car reveals soon, along with the new driver line-up.

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