Narrow escape from wayward Truck

Even when traffic is at a standstill, it’s not smart to get out of your vehicle. A driver in China found that out for himself.

We don’t know what brought the traffic to a halt – perhaps it was the fog that had impeded visibility of the road ahead. There is constant honking of the horn coming from the truck in front, either as a danger warning, like a fog horn, or it was the driver unleashing frustration from being stuck in traffic.

We see the driver of the car exit and dawdle on the side; the first sign of trouble manifests when he is suddenly startled and turns to run; there’s a movement in the roadside barrier, followed almost immediately by a truck that comes barrelling between the barrier and car. Visibility must have been so bad that the man didn’t see the truck until the last moment.

The driver of the car managed to escape unharmed, but looked confused and uncertain as to what to do now that his car was sandwiched between two trucks. While standing around looking like a lost boy, the truck on the left suddenly jerks forward as another vehicle collides with it from behind. The man takes off and disappears amongst the other vehicles on the road!

Even if a truck doesn’t run you down, the smog will kill you. This man must have wished he didn’t get out of the car or even his bed that day!

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