MyCar – Malaysia’s Newest Ride-Hailing App

With Uber no longer present in the Malaysian ride-hailing scene, a newcomer has joined the fray to provide another option for drivers and passengers.

Founder Mohd Noah Maideen said it aims to balance the ride-hailing industry in Malaysia, besides providing a platform for drivers to generate income. The app, which started operating on February 1st, only charges a fixed 15% commission compared to its competitor’s 25%.

“We believe MyCar can provide this balance and meet the needs of the drivers. I believe this will set us apart as we are looking towards the welfare of our drivers to receive better fares for their services and help them sustain in the current economic situation,” Mohd Noah said, as reported by Malaysian Reserve.

See the rider tutorial here.

MyCar will implement a “driver wallet”, similar to a prepaid system, and will deduct the 15% commission from there. It aims to attract more than 200,000 former Uber drivers in the country and currently, 10% of its drivers are women. Initially, MyCar started with 2,000 drivers and about 40 rides a day, and has grown tremendously since.

“As of today, we are getting about 5,000 rides daily. With Uber’s exit, we are getting more Uber drivers register with us…With Uber gone, some of its drivers may jump onto Grab but where will the others go? Two months into MyCar’s launch, we have about 10,000 Uber drivers signing up with us,” he shared.

MyCar’s ride-hailing service is available in the Klang Valley, Ipoh, Johor Bharu, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak, Pahang and Kelantan. Most importantly, it is compliant with all the rules and regulations set by the Land Public Transport Commission. The app can be downloaded for free on any smartphone, and now this leads to the question: could MyCar give Grab a run for its money?

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