Malaysian Rookie bags historic Moto3 Argentina win

17-year-old Malaysian rider Khairul Idham Pawi, or fondly known as KIP, won his first Moto3 Argentina Grand Prix on Sunday in his third World Championship race entry.

The young lad from Honda Team Asia clocked 41m 35.452s, coming in ahead of Spaniard Jorge Navarro and South African, Brad Binder, who came in second and third.

Khairul set his fastest lap (1’58.127s) with 11 laps to go in the race, and secured the lead on the penultimate circuit. It was an exciting race on a track that was somewhere between wet and dry. He pulled out a final lead of over 26 seconds and made Malaysia proud by being the country’s first rider to take a win at Grand Prix level.

Another Malaysian that we are so proud of is Adam Norrodin whose “never give up, never surrender” attitude led us to watch him push his motorcycle to the finish line after a nasty fall at a corner, while jostling for second position with Navarro, and landing him in 11th place. That’s a hell of determination from one 17-year-old chap.

We’re rooting for you boys in the next GP race, which will be held on 11 April at The Circuit of The Americas near Austin, Texas. Good luck, boys!

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