Koenigsegg Introduces Certified Legends Programme for Its Used Supercars

Even if you have loads of cash, buying a supercar isn’t necessarily easy. Money can’t rush all things. Supercar-maker Koenigsegg and other carmakers in its realm build a limited number of cars per year. The waiting period to get hold one of one of Koenigsegg’s cars can take up to four years. The Swedish carmaker makes about 16 to 20 cars any given year, but hopes to ramp it up to 25 and 30 cars.

Image credit – topspeed.com

Meanwhile, it has created a Certified Legends programme which will be launched in the upcoming 2018 Geneva Motor Show, so that buyers with bucket-loads of cash don’t have to wait an eternity, but can own a pre-owned Koenigsegg supercar, with assurance from the carmaker itself.

Before buyers can get their hands on a pre-owned Koenigsegg, it has to be thoroughly inspected and go through a demanding service process by the automaker. Work is done at its plant in Sweden, where any upgrades or repairs can be handled if necessary. A two-year service warranty is included and you can rest assured that the car you’re getting will be in tip-top condition.

A rare right-hand drive 2006 CCX example will be displayed at the Geneva Auto Show and is one of the first Koenigsegg models to be qualified as a Certified Legend.

With a painted exterior and original interior swapped for aniline leather with a basket-weave pattern, this gem of a car produces a 806-horsepower from its 4.4-litre twin-supercharged V-8 engine.

If you dream of owning an automotive marvel and have piles of moolah, get in with the programme.

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