Kia’s big red Wagon is a beauty

Kia’s Sportspace concept made its worldwide debut at the recent Geneva Motor Show, amongst its other sporty-looking estates on display. This is part of the South Korean automaker’s plan to move to sportier designs and this concept car – which is really an estate version of the Optima and has been confirmed would enter production within the next 18 months – will lead the way.

The Sportspace has an Optima T-Hybrid diesel-electric configuration – a 170hp 1.7-litre diesel engine with turbo, electric booster and temporary all-wheel-drive feature. The production version might get even more power than this version since Michael Cole, CEO for Kia Motors Europe, has not ruled out this possibility for future versions.

Kia’s strategy is, according to Cole, intended to support the automaker’s growth by entering segments in which they are absent; particularly in Europe, the D-segment wagon sells by volumes. Kia has set for itself the ambitious sales target of 100,000 cars annually in the UK by 2020, which would put it in the same league as Toyota and Kia’s sibling, Hyundai.

Kia doesn’t want the Sportspace to be categorised; according to the company, it is not a wagon nor a saloon nor a hatchback. Kia described the car as “a vehicle that can meet the demands of those who refuse to be categorized when it comes to their lifestyle or their motoring needs”. Hmm…still looks like a wagon to us.

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