Kalashnikov Shooting for Tesla with New Car Offering

A Tesla rival indeed.

The Russian arms manufacturer, Kalashnikov, is set to shoot some pace into the world’s electric car race after it wheeled out a very retro-looking all-electric car that is said to have Tesla-rivalling technology.

Kalashnikov is a brand more famous for the AK 47 assault rifle, a weapon much loved by communist regimes and terrorists and other assorted despots the world over, which is pretty much destruction-proof and capable of being used by complete novices.

It is a bit hard to call Kalashnikov a brand, but its website talks about taking the “brand” in different directions. Recently, it launched a line of clothing and a number of personal items, such as umbrellas and smartphone covers—we presume that some of them may even be bulletproof.

Not being a car manufacturer doesn’t seem to be a problem for the armament company either and it has unveiled a model called the CV-1 at an expo near the Russian capital of Moscow. According to a statement on the company’s website, the ‘look’ was inspired by a Soviet hatchback called the Izh-Kombi, whatever that was.

Don’t let the peculiar styling fool you though, as Kalashnikov’s clever engineers boast of having developed ‘cutting-edge’ elements worthy of any supercar, including a revolutionary inverter, which does, of course, sound like spin. Apparently, the car can travel about 350km on one charge, but there is no news on how fast it goes and how long it takes to recharge.

Netizens’ first reactions have been mixed, with some praising the cool retro appearance; others, though, have been less than kind, calling the look “funny zombie-like” design. One user went further, saying “Your tanks are great, but it would be better if you stayed away from cars”.

No news on if or when the car will go into production but don’t think we will see it out in Asia anytime soon. In a way, this could be seen as beating swords into ploughshares, of course.

And that is one butt ugly boot. Don’t think Elon Musk will be losing much sleep over this so-called rival.

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