Jamie Foxx Spotted Driving the Rezvani Tank


One sure way of getting the word around is celebrity endorsement; it’s sure to gain attention—fast.

Rezvani Automotive Designs is a new player in town; so new that it began operations only in 2015. But whatever machine that it has come up has been exceptional. The first supercar that it ever made, the 500hp Beast, was sold to singer Chris Brown back in 2015 for approximately US$165,000.

The first ever Beast is owned by Chris Brown.  

Recently, celebrity Jamie Foxx was seen driving a Rezvani Tank around Los Angeles (top picture). No report as to whether the actor-singer owns the unit, but he has been driving it around for weeks and it would be a very long test drive indeed if it wasn’t actually his.


The TUC (Tactical Urban Vehicle) or Extreme Utility Vehicle (EUV), however you may like to call it, is a monster. Power comes from a 3.6-litre V6 or you may opt for the even more beastly 6.4-litre 500hp V8 engine. FOX off-road suspension, with massive 16-inch 8-piston brake calipers, is standard.



On-demand 4×4 lets you choose the configuration you want to be on. Heads-up display and plush seats make the driving much more enjoyable.

And get this: the Tank has thermal night vision and optional ballistic armour protection! Naming it the ‘Tank’ is a no-brainer.


To be in with the likes of Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown, you’ll just need to fork out something like US$155,000.

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