I’m Not Going To Be Caught Dead In A Minivan!

M Concept Minivan at Shanghai Motorshow

A minivan is hardly the dream vehicle of most men. Automology’s new guest writer, NICK, is one of them. Or is he?

No, not really. Actually, I’m not going to be caught dead coming out from a Prius with a clutch bag and a big ass Bluetooth earphone.

I have always been a car fanatic. My collection of hundreds of Matchbox die-cast car miniatures since I was 10 is the early testament to that fact. My hard work during the early part of my career was motivated by the desire to buy a cool looking car to cruise around town, and a minivan was never in the to-buy-when-I-have-enough-money list. It came with the stigma, is pathetic and, worst of all, boring.

Then I got married. After my daughter was born, we had to carry an obscene amount of stuff wherever we went. My priority changed from the need to be cool to making my life easier.
The decision was made to buy a minivan and I have never looked back with regret. I didn’t allow desires or feelings to influence my decision-making process, because there are very few things sexy and cool about a minivan.

The size of a man’s family will often dictate the size of a man’s car. At this stage, I realise that I may or may not like my vehicle, but because of my family, I need to make the right choice. My advice is if you’re driving a car out of familial necessity, drive it with pride, man. You’re doing the right thing.

I’ve not given up altogether, though. There will come a stage when I will no longer need the minivan. Aston Martin would be among the options or perhaps a Maserati. A study conducted by insurer, Hiscox, revealed that the sound of a revving Maserati engine will increase the testosterone levels, which can be indicative of a stirred libido. Enough said.

Drive safe and drive proud.

image: carx.com

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